Robots: Pros and Cons

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Hi and thanks for taking a look at this post. We have written this post to debate on the pros and cons of having robots replace people’s jobs. Some people think that it’s a good idea to do this, however, some dissagree. Let’s discuss...


  • Robots have no need for wages.
  • They have have no human desires and will therefore do any of the jobs that a human would not want to do.
  • They don’t need breaks; they can work 24/7 and not need food or sleep whereas a human would need these rest periods.
  • Robots are more efficient than humans and can work faster than we can.
  • They can’t catch illnesses and spread them. As of this, they don’t need to take days off from work because of health conditions and it is more hygienic and safe.


  • Robots need maintenance which can cost millions of pounds.
  • They can mess up what they’re doing and malfunction.
  • Robots are expensive to buy and make.
  • One of the worlds greatest sci-fi book plot twists might come to life, robots may become so developed that they wonder why they need to take orders, therefore thinking for themselves and possibly consider taking over the world.

We have listed all of the reasons that we can think of, so do YOU think it’s a good idea or a bad one?

Thanks for reading :)

By valuable_vegetable and shining_queen

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