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Hi,I am genial_cookie and welcome to my blog,lets get to it. This is going to be a report on how all work has change we are mainly looking at remote working and how it has changed.Remote working has changed a lot because veryone who works in a office will have to try it at home.

When Covd-19 has ended people would all want to work at home because a lot of people will be used to working at home,Some might have ask to do all their work at home working.

Many people think 2020 has been a big turning point for work bcause so many people will have to work at home,which for some people is not a possibility.Peoplewho work at cafes,food shops and postmen can't work at home,Covid-19 has stopped them form all working and they can't work at home either.

To work from home you need good listning,speaking,problem solving and creativity.

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