Remote working

Hi my name is jolly_ history and I am going to be talking about remote working .Remote working means that working on a laptop or a phone. The bad thing is that people might stop doing it because in their offices people were their to entertain the people that were doing the work on the computer but now that know ones in the offices people are startin to lose their jobs and poeple will just stop doing it. However some people might get back on their jobs and start doing much more work than they used to and then they will get paid a lot more than they do usually .

I think that the pandemic is really bad for a lot of companies especially for remote working it is terrible people are loseing their jobs because of covid it is also affecting people . And they are getting ill and people are losing more and more people because of covid is affecting the population of people so most jobs are having to shutdown. We all hope this stops .

from jolly_history .

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