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"Hello!my name is Elsabeth,and today it mill be about remote working"

"Welcome back everyone, so the remote working were people have been stuck at home while working during lockdown but some people cant work from home so they had to go to work while COVID-19 has been around.

When there family were sick they had to stay at home when they were supposed to be at work doing there job. In the future they mite have to stay at home all time and not go to there work otherwise they mite get COVID by going to work and interacting with the other workers.The pandemic could help and change the way they work by helping them work from home.

The workers that can't work from home could make shore that if they can't do that job any more to have a mother job that would allow them to work from home.

They could work at there job part time at work mabye 2 days a week and do a not her job 3 days a week

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