Predictions about the future of work.

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Hello. My name is Echo Quinn and I will be writing a report on the three predictions of what the future of work may look like. These are automation, remote working and the gig economy. I will be mainly focusing on automation, which is the idea of machines taking over repetitive tasks. For example, factory processes.

This would be great for factory owners as they would be able to employ less staff. However, this will affect many people who work in factories because of job loss which in the long term will severly affect the economy. Although this may sound horrific, factory owners could make adaptations within the workplace to allow staff to be creative instead, and be put to better use doing the kind of things machines are not capable of. In the future it can allow our curious minds to flourish by creating more sophisticated machines.

Many now believe that the Pandemic is a new turning point for the workplace because lots of people have been working from home. Numerous people have lost their jobs or even had to be furloughed (benefitting from the governments 80% job retention scheme) which has changed many people's lifestyles. This in turn would have a positive impact on automation, as machines cannot catch viruses and do not need to socially distance or self isolate! This may speed up the use of automation within factories.

Having staff learn new skills within factories will be a positive thing for the future and open more avenues. Gaining new skills means staff can adapt to possible future roles. This will in turn, help the future of work.

I spoke to Bob Thomas, a factory worker from Liverpool and Dylan Marley, an office worker from Lincolnshire who both felt that automation would have many pros and cons but disagreed on the fact that it was a good idea, Bob thinking it would negatively impact jobs where as Dylan believed that it was a great idea and would be a huge step for mankind.

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