I have talked to my teacher about this . I have analysed that since social distancing has been introduced people have stopped going to work and 36% drop in demand of cleaning , baby sitting and house sitting. I could tell infer that people have started to look after themselves and staying hygienec as they didnt really wash their hands or stay hygienic. The shops have also started looking for their profit of increasing health cares such as medicine, hand sanitizer and mask . Since they didnt used to earn much of that as they do know . Which I think is wrong many people who are poor can't afford it have high chance of getting viruses.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    16 Dec 2020

    You have highlighted one of the ways that people living in poverty are affected by covid-19. Can you link your post to work? How has the pandemic impacted people in high-paid jobs differently to those who are in low-paid jobs?

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