My report about the gig economy (final piece)

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I am extraordinary_dinosaur reporting to you about the gig economy.

Work during the pandemic has been different,work has been at Home, rules have been put in place. This all changes the way we do some jobs. For example the gig Economy,the jobs that fall under this category are all jobs that need travel and that you cant do from home.

I predict that after the pandemic and the rules start to loosen that the gig economy will grow more than it was before. I think this because more jobs include going out so the younger generation who are getting jobs now will want to boost the economy and get jobs. By doing this it will increase the gig economy and the economy all along.

An advantage and disadvantage for this is that office jobs will work from home, if they work from home less cafe's and shops will be visited because in most people's routine they get breakfast,lunch or dinner on work duty. When people work at home they eat more so bigger supermarket chains will get out of stock. Then this makes people go to there local shop more and the smaller shops will get more money. This helps smaller shops but it fails the Economy.

This could be a big turning point because it could and does encourage others to think outside the box. While they are at home they have more time to relax and focus on their work because home is generalily quie. Once you are in a safe space and a place that you are familiar with you can get ideas and work harder.

People's opinon matters because that is what runs the world. Our opinion is what makes decisions, it makes us different. Creativity, speaking, problem solving and communication is all the same, they are what makes us have jobs. Also this makes us have a personality.

Thank you for listening


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