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Hi my name is unique_tiger and this is my news report on the future of work. My news report is about how the future of work has changed. There are 3 predicted changes for the future. They are:

*gig economy


*remote working

Gig economy means that you will have multiple jobs and means being constantly subjected to last minute scheduling.

Automation means your job being replaced by robots or automatic equipment.

Remote working is a working style that allows professionals to work outside of a traditional environment.

We will be focusing on remote working which as you know means working in a different working style or place. Covid 19 has made people want to stay at home and not in their usual routine.

In the future remote working might create problems for people as they might be too used to being at home. For people to adapt remote working at home they will need to have the equipment they normally use in their offices such as laptops or computers for meetings on Zoom.

Remote working might be an opportunity because if you work far away and you have started working at home due to the pandemic then you might prefer it because you won’t be taking the same routine nearly every morning.

The skills that are needed for remote working in my opinion are all of them (speaking , listening, problem solving and creativity).

You need speaking because if you don’t have good speaking skills then when you’re on your Zoom meetings you might have a great idea but you are too shy to say.

If you don’t have good listening skills then if someone has a better idea than you and you aren’t listening then that could be bad for your company or business.

You need good problem solving skills because in work there will always be problems and if you don’t have good problem solving skills then you won’t solve your problems.

You also need good creativity because if people didn’t have good or any creativity then things will always be boring.

Thank you for reading my news report.


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