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"Hello my name is Dave and I will be reporting about automation and what the current pandemic ( covid-19 ) is doing to it."

So, some companies are suggesting to have robots as an employee because this current situation coronavirus it a one way downfall for companies to close down, so if they have robots they don't have to pay the "worker" for doing its job. Also, if a customer has covid, they won't pass on the the worker who will have to isolate and get tested, because robots and tech don't get affected by any sort of disease or illness. But, on the downside, if a company manager goes up to check on the robot, they might catch coronavirus. Which means the company will need to go in isolation.

Also, robots affect climate change, and will also need extra money to pay to build, buy and charge the robots.If it costs too much the company won't have enough money to pay for the company to keep its doors open ( but like that's going to happen.) The robots are good on quality because once it's done it the first time, unless a glitch happens it's going to be the same next time.

The robots have skills of speaking, listening and problem solving because you programme it to have manners, wait and listen politely and they know how to solve problems because the companies can programme the machine to solve any problem that is thrown out there. But, robots don't have the skill of creativity. Mainly because it doesn't have a personality and they speak the same words to every customer that comes to buy or question something. Like making a nice, funny joke or just asking how their day has been and if not, giving advice to make the day happier. That is what a human would do, not a robot.

There is a big turning point for the world of automation, the percentage of robots helping for companies is rising and in the U.S. robots have replaced a whole 3.3 jobs! Who knows how many robots will there be in the U.K. at the end of this pandemic?

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