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Hello my name is busy_melon this is my report about remote working .

Remote working is not going into an office but do all your work at home. This could cause the problem of less socialising and talking whilst doing work. Callum, who is a journalist in England, has had to adapt due to remote working. He has had to do online interviews for his reports.The oppotunities are he can have a lot more of his own ideas in his reports. The turning point for him is the social side of work which has unfortunately been taken away from him. He has done really well with his reports even though at home he has a lot of distractions which is a good skill to have.

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  • 327379P_LThumb.jpg EXPERT: Charlie Dyos Hunter Communications Analyst @ Bank of England
    08 Dec 2020

    Hi busy_melon. You raise some good ideas! Have you thought about some of the benefits to working from home? Using your example of Callum's online interviews, do you think there are examples where it is easier for him to do this instead of travelling to meet those who he will interview?

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