My final piece - The future of work.

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Hello my name is Tom and I am reporting for The Sunday Times about the future of work.

There are three specifics which have been affected by the Covid19 pandemic:

  • The gig-economy
  • Remote working
  • Automation

I will be reporting automation for this post. It is where robots and computers take over humans' jobs.

The Predicted Change:

Automation is bad in many ways:

  • Some people really like their jobs; if a robot took it, the person who liked the job would be very sad.
  • If a robot took over a teachers job and a child had mental issues in the class, it would not be helpfull until we get advanced enough technology.
  • If there is a power-cut or a robot malfunctions, the whole system, which the robot works in, could colapse.

But there is a bright side to automation:

  • Automation will open up 58,000,000 more jobs than there already are.
  • Robots can be programed to do some of harder jobs that humans find "imposible".
  • Technology can not catch any diseases like Coronavirus.

The effect of the pandemic:

People think that the pandemic is a turning point for automation because Covid19 denied us to be within 2 metres of eachother, that opened up the opportunity for robots to work more in factories where humans would usually work.

The skills needed for the future of automation:

  • You need listening to here what ideas people have for the future that could affect you specifically.
  • You need speaking up to make your voice heard.
  • You need problem solving to create new ideas.

Thanks for reading my Final Piece😁👀

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