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Hello I am active_guava here with a report on how the coronavirus will change the future of work. There are many different views in how this will effect the future. There are three predicted changes and these include gig economy, remote working and automation.

There have been are many Positive and Negitive effects due to covid. Many people across the country have been forced to work from home and because of this they are not able to socialise with other people. This effects their mental health. They are also many problems just by working online and this is because your eyes are close to a screen for hours a day. This is why COVID has had a bad effect on the citizens in England. Many people may also lose their jobs as they may not have the technology to work from home and this means they are losing money for food and finances.

There are also many positives from working from home and these are the fact that by working from your home allows you to work on your mental health and your fitness. This is a massive positive as it by helps your body and your heart meaning you might have a chance of living longer. And also, working from home also gives you a chance to spend time with your family and your younger ones. Another positive is by working from home you can also catch up on a TV programme, documentary or many even they could study for a higher position in their job.

Some people may think this is a turning point for remote working as many people are paying to use zoom or teams and this means that the people at the indestrie have more money to invest in other technology and apps such as Zoom, Teams, Fortinite, Roblox and much more. This is also a turning point as more jobs will open up as there will be more design technolgens needed and more people to make laptops and IPads.


Listening is important in remote working because it is easy to mistake someones word for another.


Speaking is important because you need to interact with your colleagues and and customers to find out what their need is.


Creativity is important if you want to design and expand your company.

These elements have been used on Roman Road when Natasha expanded her company and included colleagues opinions.

Hope you were pleased with my post from active_guava

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