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Hello, my name is steady_chameleon reporting for The Economy. This report will be about ‘The Future Of Work‘. The three predictions of forthcomming work are: The Gig Economy, Remote Working and Automation. Automation is basically like robots replacing people’s jobs.

Automation will have a bad effect on the future because if a robot takes your job, people will be forced to make new ones for income then robots will take almost every job until most of the population are jobless. Meanwhile, if you do remote working, robots can’t take buisnessess as easy. Also, if your in a career, don’t like it and want to change but you can’t , a robot will force you too.

In the pandemic, people need more money to supply family and as the evolution was put on hold, (robots) people still had jobs and started doing a gig economy. As automation is a bad idea ,in my opinion, that will slow evolution down by a country mile.

Listening, speaking, problem solving and creativity are all great skills for this but I think that speaking is the most important for automation to get your opinion out about your job and how much you like/want it but if you listen to others thoughts about it, it can be a change for the better.

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