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Hello this is determined_mood reporting to you from the BBC. Covid-19 has been a huge blow to work, or has it? The three main different types of work are gig economy, remote working and automation. All of these have been forsed to change during lockdown, but in a good way or a bad way? Let’s create a scenario where Covid ends (hopefully soon) but remote working stays.

So now remote working has stayed and every job that can work from home works from home. What are the main positives to this? Well let’s start off with the biggest thing. Global warming. I know you probably all forgot about it as soon as Covid got big but here l am bringing here bringing it back up and during the first lockdown it went down hugely but then lockdown ended and it went back up hugly so if remote working stayed global warming whould go down hugely again. Also all the people that work from home will get to see their families a lot more. But where there are positives there are negatives. So what are the negatives? Well to start off some people like so and they like working in the office as in the office you can just walk over and ask them the question but when you are at home you either have to message them or start a call with them and if you start a call with them you are bound to start a conversation with them. Also you could have a very noisy family and it could be very hard to concentrate.

Loads of people say that Covid-19 has been a huge turning point for work and they are correct. Over 81% of cafès, hotels and restraunts had to shut during Covid and 1/6 will not reopen.

Listening, speaking, problem solving and creativity.

All of these are important for a shop owner to have.

They need creativity because lets say they own a cafè then they started selling somthing that only they sold people would come there to get that drink as they really like it so that shop makes a lot more money.

Thay need speaking because if someone went to a cafè the customers normaly like it when the people that are selling them stuff like to chat to them.

They need to listen because if they are taking someone's order if they do not listen and get the order wronged the customer will be angry.

They need problem solving as they could be in a sticky situation and have to solve a few major and a few minor problems. Like Natasha was in a sticky situation but she solved a few problems and she got through it.

So this was my final peice l hope you liked it as it took me a quite a long time.

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