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Hello. My name is Jeffery Walters and I work for the sunday times. I am here to tell you about the future of work in automation. Automation has many advantadges as well as disadvantages and I am going to list them all. Let us start with the advantages: Robots will increse production rate as they don't need sick days or holidays; robots are more efficient as they don't get tired or overworked; eventually, robots might be able to acess other computers or databases making them even more efficient;robots with powerfull batteries will be able to work longer than humans.

Now let us discuss the disadvantages: Robots, no matter how advanced can get hacked or glitch; robots will not be able to master some "tricks of the trade" that humans possess; replacing jobs with robots means that less people pay taxes whicjh would put a massive dent in the economy; not many people have the intelligence to repair advanced robots; if you combine all the things that robots need to work such as: power, rescourcesas well as updating to newer models will add up to become even ore expensive than an ordinary human worker.

Unfortunately, there are still mre issues that we face in the field of work, one of such issues is known qas the "gig economy". the gig economy is where people do multiple, unstable jobs rather than one big, stable job. Despite me calling it an issue there are still some pwerks for living in a gig ecomy such as: gig economies allow workers to be more flexible with the hours they work meaning that they can spend more time with family; working in one allows you to pusue multiple working passions at the same time.

There are also some disadvantages as well: being a gig economy worker would mean that you would'nt get the perks of working for a big company such as free vacations or healthcare; most companies that a gig economy worker works for will normally be small buisnesses that are uncapable of hiring more eternall workers which could cause them to go bust; you wont get as much money as you would from a legitamate buisness; during this time of Covid, being a gig economist means that you go to multiple business meaning you would help the spread of the virus.

there is only one more issue left to discuss, remote working. As usuasll we'll start with the pros then move onto the cons: remote working allows people to stay at home, if needed, but still get work done; remote working has let workers stay in touch even if Covid shuts down th office building; it allows for more family time; it helps the environment by stopping people using there cars too much; it also helps business save money by stopping tnem from spending money on leisures that their workers have at home.

Now let us discuss the cons: some workers may not own a computer which cuts them off from their co-workers; not having a specific time to stop working could turn them into workaholics; employees with children might find it hard to concentrate with thir children running around; bosses of small copanies might face some financial problems as they will have to repetitavely pay for zoom calls; employees might become depressed due to the lack of breaks or their generall sense of importance towards their work.

that's all for now. Bye!

crafty_papaya😎😜 (P.S all characters within this are made-u. any resembalance to any pesons is purely coincedentall)

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    15 Dec 2020

    I think this a clear and thorough explanation of the pros and cons, with some creative ideas in there too. It shows good problem-solving skills too - well done!

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