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Hi, my name is Josh and I will be talking about zoom hackers. Since the start of covid lots of us have been using zoom such as doctors and the goverment. Zoom hackers are nosey people who like to listen to people's private conversations or just to get people's information or just to get information before others do. People sometimes just hack zoom for People information or just to get in before others do. People have zoom calls to organise trades and purchases and if they get hacked that could be their bank account gone. This is horrible as people have zoom calls with privacy that goes off the scale! Some people even hack school zoom calls for YouTube videos to get popular and to buy adverts and make money. That just shows how greedy some people are! Because of this peoples money that is needed for bills just goes for social media. If this happened to Illhan or Natasha it can be bad as they will be forced to close their business as they will not have the money for ingredients or products. Jordan would be fine since he's working from home and he doesn't have to worry too much unless he loses his job.

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