My Final Piece

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My name is Freddie and this is about the future of work and how the pamdemic has affected working.

How might this predict make problems?

Due to the pandemic remote working as been brung alot more though it will have a massive impact on global warming so we should predict that remote working should be only done for people with health problems because it's not a problem for a people without intensive care.Predicting can be 50 50 so I reckon there will be more problems then good news.

How might people fix these problem?

First of all we need to think about the types of works that have been affected the most along as the smaller and lest affected jobs might have to adapt to it. Secondly we might have to shut down some shops and change how we adapt to different types of working jobs.

Do you think much will change?

I think a lot will change including us humans.I think the biggest impact will be robots might be used a lot more than humans.I reckon jobs will change too especially the easy ones though takeaways will still be same and just in general delivery jobs.

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