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Hi, my name is Ellie and today we will be talking about how Covid-19 has effected the future of work. There have been problems and opportunities for different businesses during the pandemic. I will be talking specifically about the gig-economy as it has lots of different problems but also opportunities.


If you were doing a job like cleaning in the day, you won't be able to do it because of the restriction that says that you can't go into anyone else's house so you can't do your job of cleaning. The jobs that you can't do while Covid is here are: cleaning, shops depending on the restrictions and cleaning windows (from inside the house).


If you were doing a lot of jobs in one day, you can be more flexible with how many jobs you do and what time so that you can get more time to rest or time off from working. You can also do one of the most paid jobs for a longer amount of time as some of the jobs that you get paid less you can't do.

It is good to have the skills to be able to do a lot of jobs because if you have children or pets you need to do a lot of jobs for them as well as doing your work.

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