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Hi I am enterprising_night and today I am going to talk about remote working. There are many positives and negatives to this subject. Remote working is where your work is put online and also it is where you talk to your colleagues on Zoom etc. Many classes were put online so were meeting but what happened if you couldn’t work online?

In the future the prediction of remote working is that most employees will work online instead of travelling to work each morning which can also help global warming.

The positives about remote working are:

Its saves money (people won’t have to pay for train fees etc).

It helps the environment (people not travelling in their car)

You have more time to focus on your mental health

You can spend more time with family

You can keep healthy (on lunch breaks you can have a walk)

The negatives about remote working are:

You may not have the correct equipment

You can get easily distracted

Calls can glitch and you may not hear something correctly

A family member could be noisy

Many people and buisnesses can work online but many can’t like cafes, hotels and mechanics and people who go round to people’s houses to fix equipment.

80% of cafes, hotels and restaurants have had to shut during lockdown as they could not carry on doing what they are doing (mostly because of hygiene reasons) with the Government‘s restrictions and had to adjust their lives to the ”new normal”. When cafes and restaurants could open again there was a 6 people rule which meant that there was not as much staff.

Shops would have been affected in a positive and negative way too, they would have got more customers which would have earns them more money but the negative side is that they would have been demanded to order more food in and would have had a large amount of customers which would have been stressful. They could try to work online but they would have to hire some delivery drivers which costs money.

Finally, I think that remore working has more positives than negatives so I think that it should stay like this.

For working I think that the BNC skills are important for workers to have.

Listerning is good because you have to listen to your customers to help them and you can listen to what they would like to happen to the shop in the future.

Speaking is good because you speak to your customers to make their experience better and speaking gives you confidence and it helps your health by interacting with people.

Problem solving is good because you can find a new way to work during the pandemic.

Creativity is good because since you have no customers you can adapt your business to make people safer.

Here is the interview. My characters are John a hairdresser, Lola a cafe owner and Alexa a shop owner.

I asked all the owners of the shops could you do your job online? And they all said no.

I asked them if they could be open during the pandemic John and Lola said no while Alexa said yes. But Alexa said: Since we are a small business we we're not expecting so many customers as much as this we were happy but it got hard and stressful at times.

I ask them if they are open now all of them said yes but they have to be really careful and follow rules.

I hope you liked my post.

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