Jobs of our time

We all know that when most people think of a doctor they think of a male, and when people think of a nurse, they think of a woman. Many people feel this way and we need to find out why. After asking a number of classmates, I found out that when people think of a cleaner, they think of women.

fantastic_frog: woman

straightforward_trumpet (me): woman

playful_statement: woman

fearless_chemistry: woman

genius_leaf: woman

when asking the same people about a doctor, there was a mixture of comments because of family members that are doctors. One said both, one said a woman and three said men. This shows that when you draw different people as jobs, you think of either gender, but is it fair that some people, long ago, couldn’t get a job because they were a woman? And is it also fair that woman who are doctors, get 38,000 pounds a year, but male doctors get 17% more pay than female doctors?

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