Is work always work?

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.Playing a game

.Looking after children

.Getting rid of rubbish

.Serving customers


.Making someone better

.Organising things

When would you count these as work and when wouldn't you?

When you are paid for doing it, is that automatically work and if you don't get paid is that not work?

What would the world be like if there wasn't work?

Are there some more important than others?

Ok, I'm going to give my honest opinion here.

Playing a game

It depends what kind of game you are playing. Usually games are just meant for fun so I wouldn't really count that as work because you are enjoying yourself but it can be hard to win. If it was football there wouldn't really be a big change if playing football wasn't a job. There are certainly more jobs important than this BUT footballers make alot of MONEY.

Looking after children

Children can be hard to look after. Parents look after children but they don't earn any money. Personally, I think that is work because parents make their food, Wash their clothes, help them with their school work. Speaking of school work, teachers also look after children. They do this by keeping them safe at school and giving them the best education they can. If the job didn't exist the kids wouldn't have the best education they could have and they couldn't be someone great in life. So I think this job is very important. Another job that looks after children, are childminders. They look after children when their parents are busy or at work. If they weren't here, the children would probably be home alone.

Getting rid of rubbish

I think it is work because if nobody picked up rubbish, the oceans would probably be worse than it already is and the rubbish wouldn't really have anywhere to go. So I think this job is also very, very important. Also cleaners get rid of rubbish when they clean

Serving customers

People who serve costumers are mostly shopkeepers or cashiers. They take customer payments, give change, help customers and wrap gifts and purchases. I think that is work and if we didn't have cashiers, we would have to do it all ourselves. I do think that is an important job because if there were no cashiers, there would probably be alot of stealing going on.


I think it is an amazing skill to know how to drive. I think that being a cab driver or a bus driver is a very important job because if people didn't have a car to use, they can just go in a bus or call a taxi to take them to their destination. Another job that involves driving is being a train driver. Without them we wouldn't really be able to travel to another country (you could use a airoplane of course).

Making someone better

Doctors mostly make people better. They help people get better when they are sick and they help heal your injuruies. This is so so important! Without them I don't know what we could do!

Organising things

An example of people who organise things, are office mangagers. They help organise things in the office. Another job that people organise things, are cleaners. Cleaners clean everything which includes organising things.

Work is a hard task given to you. Sometimes you do work that is beneficial to yourself but don't earn money however you can do some work that is beneficial to somone else and still get paid. For example kids at school do work that is beneficial to themselves but don't get paid but teachers benefit children by teaching them and get paid.

Hope you like me post!


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  • 327379P_LThumb.jpg EXPERT: Charlie Dyos Hunter Communications Analyst @ Bank of England
    10 Nov 2020

    Hi delightful_effort, you have raised some lovely points and carefully thought these through. Hopefully everybody goes into a job that they enjoy doing. If you wanted to further your argument, you could have a think about the reasons why people enjoy their jobs? Or is there anything that could be done to help people enjoy their jobs more?

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg delightful_effort | Michael Faraday School
    10 Nov 2020

    Thank you so so so much for commenting on my post :) It means a lot to me!

    So people enjoy their jobs because it gives them happiness. Some people just work so they can pay their bills but it is also good to have satisfaction in the job you are doing because it will feel like you want to come to work and you want to be there. For example, doctors must have satisfaction in their job because they are saving people's lives everyday and by doing that, it must give them happiness.

    People can enjoy their job more, by being in the area they are good at and by being appreciated at their work place. They could also try being happy at work and try loving what they do. People who love their jobs are more likely to be optimistic, motivated, learn faster, make fewer mistakes and make better business decisions and is likely not be absent from work.


    Thanks for commenting on my post again!

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  • Hammond School logo joyous_thought | Hammond Junior School B
    11 Nov 2020

    in my opinion, work is not always work because you could be a teacher and not feel like it is work by haveing a great time and not feel like you are just doing it for the money you get at the end of the turm.

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  • Hammond School logo determined_tennis | Hammond Junior School B
    12 Nov 2020

    Well work isn’t all work because some jobs you won’t get payed for and babysitting really isn’t work especially if you get terms and almost only have one day in work

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
      determined_tennis's comment 13 Nov 2020

      Do you think all babysitters would agree with your comment that "babysitting really isn't work", determined_tennis?

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  • kind_earth | Whyteleafe School E
    12 Nov 2020

    work is not work if you enjoy doing it!

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
      kind_earth's comment 13 Nov 2020

      So if your teacher enjoys their job, does that mean that they aren't working?

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