Is it a wise move to work at home?

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Hello, my name is Educated_dragonfly and I am here to discus about the new working systems and why it could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Opportunties for working at home

Working at home could be a good thing for some people be they could be working from 6AM until 10PM whilst never having a glimpse of their children. They could work from home and see their children at the same time.They could wake up at the time they want and yet still complete their work. They could eat whilst they do their work but if they were to go to their office, they would have to stop doing their work at go to the cafeteria with their work unfinished. Then afterwards they would have to head back to a pile of stressful work. Also those who drive to work might be in some traffic or they may have had an accident whilst driving. Plus they wouldn't be able to get to work in time. Here is another reason why working from home is a good idea. If you are injured in any sort of way then you can't make it to work. On the other hand, you could still do your work whilst resting in bed or hospital. But after you've recovered you may need to catch up on some work. Today's work and the days you missed out on. At some offices people have to eat there or take in their on food. Some people may not like cold food and may prefer a warm meal instead. Some offices may serve the same food over and over again and it could be a bit less scrumcious each day. And some work places may have a bad cook. But all of that could be over, the wives or husbands could make a dish(that they know is one of their favourites) for their hard-working husbands(or wives).

It is very hard to find a job during these times. People who have lost their ocupation could be a co-worker to someone else job which still running and possibly get paid whilst doing the job. Shops have been very crowded because people are just worried that they are going to starve to death instead of dying of COVID 19. The shopkeepers have been finding themselves in a hassle. Most of the shopkeepers have left of having the virus or scared of it spreading onto them. Thats when they would need more staff. So then the sacked people could be the new staff until the virus has been obliterrated.

Working at home is not a good idea because most people can't work at home dure to their career. Say like a janitor they could not be compatiable of working from home because they are out and about all day long. They clean in areas of building, hospitals, hotels and houses. But they couldn't do that when lockdown came so they had to lose their occupation. Here is another reason why working from home is bad. Workers usually do their work on a computer or laptop. Their eyesight could be jepordised by the screen. If they continue to stare at a computer everyday then it's not only bad for the eye it could also be bad for your body. After lockdown was over, loads of people needed glasses since they were looking at the screen 24/7. Is their work more important then the eye? You decide. Another reason on why it's a bad idea for working at home. The workers may not have the vitamins and minerals that their body needs because of the amount of time they stare at the screen. They won't have a speck of fresh air. The number of people exercising has gone down probaly because of the Remote working. Exercising is part of life but now that remote working has come more people have been glued to a screen instead of glued to exercice.

Comment down below if you think that working from home is good or bad.

Thank you for reading. Educated_dragonfly 😄

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