ideas about future work

my idea's are that in 2021 that hopefully that the world will go back to normal and we will have a cure for the coronavirus. . Also that the key workers like nurses Doctor and teachers and shop assistant will not have to work so many hours to provide for our needs. We could also hope that care homes are 're opened so that we could see our loved ones that we have not seen and miss so much for many months some people are losing there jobs due to coronavirus as like lot's of flights have been stopped and lots of countries have been put into lockdown or you have to self isolate for 14 days when you arrive back in UK. Lots,of people are struggling financially this year people have had to go to food banks to help feed their families with a lot of help we hope to turn things as they we're before cornavirus. idea's for health problems people need help for safety and doctors need help with there health and people should be nurses and doctor's to help them.

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