Humans VS Robots: Which is better for work?

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Hi I am accomplished_reality and I am here to talk about if robots could replace humans in the world of work, and how it would affect people.

Should robots replace humans?


Robots cannot replace humans for many reasons. Number one is that they are more likely to make mistakes, and could result in big mistakes that could cost lots of money for the company. Another reason even though it is quite small is that they use electricity, which not only costs lots of money but is bad for the environment. Even if robots didn't make mistakes and we replaced them with humans then the humans that work for companys will be kicked out of their jobs, and will therefore have a lot less money because there is no where for them to work. This would also mean that if people didn't work, you could argue that we have no purpose and could also mean that people have nothing to do and could cause a lot of havoc. Also, robots cannot look after babys and children like a human can.


Robots would be great to replace humans. They are reliable, faster, stronger, and they don't need to be paid to work. Yes there is a small cost for electricity, but you pay a lot less than if you were paying humans, plus, they can work all the time, and are faster. They are capable of doing things that humans can't do, like lifting heavy objects, and plus, who doesn't like a bit of Siri and Alexa? They are more cost efficent, and are unlikely to make mistakes. If we swapped humans for robots we could have automated systems for everything, and people wouldn't even need to work. They can run forever, even during the night, and these could make a huge difference with society.

How could this affect people?

If robots were to replace humans, there would be a few problems. First, like I mentioned earlier, the humans that work in these jobs would be kicked out as they are no longer need, which could potentially result in people having nothing to do and causing mischeif. This next is a bit extreme, but it could even cause savageity (if that is even a word) throughout the human race and also competetion for resources as no one has money to buy things. So, like I said that was a bit extreme, but this is why robots should not replace humans.

Feel free to answer my question in the comments: Do you think that robots would make better workers than humans, and if so how much better?

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