How will small businesses be affected by Covid-19?

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The furlough scheme

The furlough scheme is a system plan to send countries into a new lockdown from Thursday, 5th November 2020. The lockdown has not quite yet decided on a time of how long it will be, but MPs say it will be about a month. Small businesses are forced to close, which leave a lot of people unemployed, and it will triple the amount of homeless people. Me and my family have been supporting local businesses, like a new bakery that only opened this year. How, you may ask, how will restaurants be affected? Well, the answer to that it the same with small businesses: they will stay closed, although takeaways and deliveries aren't yet illegal. In my opinion, I think if they were going to do this, they should've done it a few weeks ago, then at least it wouldn't:

1: Leave people panicking and raiding shops last minute

2: Increase Covid-19 cases by approximately 4%

3: Leave scientists with so little time to create a vaccine (if you haven't seen the news, Donald Trump PROMISED a vaccine by the end of the year)

How you can help

Every now and then, visit a little shop, instead of the big superstore ones in the shopping centres.

Order a takeaway every now and then, so the restauraunts won't be left bankrupt.

Social distance with people, and maybe have a videocall every now and then to keep in touch.

If your school/library/other random business has a fundraiser, take part! Buy a raffle ticket, enter a competition, just for fun!!

Wear a face mask in local areas.

Use sanitiser where possible.

Will schools close?

Unlike the first one, this lockdown will not close schools, universities and colleges, as they will always be the last thing to close. They only shut last time because Covid-19 was so bad.

I hope you will use my advice wisely.

Stay home, Stay safe, save lives.

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