How the pandemic has changed remote working

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Hello today will be talking about how remote working may change in the future. Covid 19 has changed remote working because the people in the office had to go in on sertain and if they had kids and on that day they had to work from home it was probably the most stressful time of their life.If both of someones parents had to go to work the problem about that is were are you going to go because you weren’t aloud to mix houses or go closer someone than 2metres one of parents would have stay home and then on a day there not meant to be at the office they would have to go because,they didn’t work on the day they had to.Because Natasha works in an caffe she wasn’t aloud to go to work because everyone had to stay away from each other.Ilahn wasn’t aloud to go to work either because the rules of the pandemic(covid19).

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