How technology has helped our economy

Hello everybody! I'm strong_dragonfruit and I am here to talk about how technology has helped us during lockdown. Technology has really helped us all during lockdown. We have used it to access documents ( for school and work ), go on calls and sometimes just for leisure. I think it is really important that you stay socialised even in these times.

If we didnt have technology, the economy would have really struggled during covid-19 but eventhough we were all off school and keeping ourselfs locked inside, we could still learn and make money with the power of technology. When you use a device, you dont really appreciate how much work has gone into making it and allowing to work. At this very moment that I am typing, all sorts of things are at work in the tiny screen of my chromebook. All this would not be possible without people working hard every day!

In conclusion, I think that we would all struggle without the wonderful thing called ' technology '.

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