How people have been coping with their jobs during corona virus.

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Now a lot of people are quitting some of their jobs because of covid 19, and some people have to close down because of it like how Natasha's cafe got closed down after feeling that her and her staff weren't being as protected as others.or when Ilham’s shop had a lot of customers and his dad and brother got covid it was much harder to give people their shopping. Some people that are working from home want to stay as they are when we don't have to anymore. They think that it will be much better if they stay working at home rather than going back to work. Callum is a journalist and he has to write all of it at home just like a lot of other people like him, he might find it very strange when they go back to working from an office. And by 2030, people think that robots would have covered over fifty eight thousand different jobs in the UK. They also think that COVID-19 would have become a turning point in history that people will be teaching children all over the world in many years to come from now. It would be so much better if those robots could help Natasha and it would make it so much faster for her and her staff working there, it would also help Ilham’s shop, the robot could give the people their groceries without having to social distance with the other customers. Ilham has quite a lot of problems, but also a lot of opportunities because lots of customers were coming in but he was putting himself and his customers at risk because of his dad and brother.

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