How is our jobs and society affected by the Industrial Revolution?

How is our jobs and society affected by the Industrial Revolution?

Our jobs today are affected in many ways because of the industrial revolution. For instance: Any workers working in factories, it has made a huge impact. The industrial revolution was when factories were invented by Richard Arkwright after he created his water frame in 1769 in Derbyshire. This basically sparked the industrial revolution completely. If the industrial revolution hadn't happened, we wouldn't have factories or probably any machines. This would probably also mean that we wouldn't have robots either! It would affect society in so many ways to. For instance: There would be no mass production, which would mean that clothes would be more exspensive as they are produced as a one off. All jobs from working in the factories would probably be one, and items would be more exspensive as they would be produced one at a time and released slowly (this is why diamonds are so exspensive because they are not mass produced and only a few are released a year to keep the price high). Not just factory jobs would be affected, but all sorts of technical companys or any company that mass produces (which is more or less every single company ever). It would not just affect our jobs but everyday items to. During the Industrial Revolution they invented miners lamps which prevented explosions in the mines and we wouldn't have it or any thing based on it today. We may not even have a single machine if the Industrial Revolution never happened. Also, jobs were introduced during this time like the mule scavenger (a child who would crawl under machines as they worked to clean them out and was often very dangerous) and we have similar jobs to that today but just aren't so dangerous. What I am trying to say is that the Industrial Revolution had a HUGE impact on jobs and society today.

This led me on to another question. Will we ever have another Industrial Revolution?

In my opinion, there will be. In fact, we are already in one now. We are constantly going in and out of small or big Industrial Revolutions which we don't even think about. So basically, we will have thousands of Industrial Revolutions over time which will impact society over time. We have only recently invented electric cars, which we are already starting to use lots of. By 2035, there will be a complete ban on desiel or petrol cars in the UK.



PS: How do you think jobs and society will be affected in the future from impacts today?

Oh, and thanks to my history teacher for inspiring me with this post :)

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  • katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
    11 Dec 2020

    Great work, accomplished_reality. I can see a lot of research went into this discussion starter and I have given you a star for the problem-solving skills you used to make links between the industrial revolution and the working world of today.

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