How has work evolved and how will it change? they want to be

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Since the beginning the work we know has evolved from going to the office to working from home so the big question I'm wondering is how will we evolve more?But before I get on to that I will talk aboyt work in the past and work now.

Work in the past [1837-1901]

In the past,children and adults didnt really have much say of what they wanted to be when they grew up.Most children were sent to factories[Usually in poor condition]s to get money for their family.Some may have become chimney sweepers and mudlarks, some may have been hat makers and street sweepers.Adults weren't treated any better,as an average victorian driver would get 34 shillings a week definetly not enough to care for their family

Work in the present[Now]

I believe work now is very different to work back then as people have more of a say as what they want to be like women can choose if they want to be a scientist or a doctor and their isnt much of a stereotype of jobs anymore.Also the way technolgy has changed is incredible that now we can work in our own households.

Work in the future[100s of years from now]

I believe in the future 100s of years from now technolgy will play a big part in the working world as robotsare coming to light right now and bussinesses are getting more attention which may show that their innotive ideas will make the world a better place


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