How has Furlough and Redundancy changed work ?

When lockdown began, many non-essential workers or even essential workers got furloughed or made redundant. This means they either got 80% whilst not working of their pay or none at all!

This changed the lives of many as they were getting less money than they usually do. Some had to start living on goverment benifits as they have just come out of university! When this happened some said it was a good thing because they got more time to do things they are passionate about,I know someone who started a YouTube channel !

I say it’s a good thing aswell, but I don’t agree with being made redundant as it is really unfair and should only be done if necessary.

When furlough happened, people started going into volunteer work because they were helping others and they also had something to do. Most people who went into volunteering did coved testing or checking if people are following the rules as they always had spots for more. Some of the most important people during the pandemic are doctors and ambulance drivers,as they risk their lives to help others survive.

In conclusion, furlough and redundancy has changed many lives and may be looming around the corner again ....

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