How has COVID-19 affected the world of work

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Hi there my name is Mia and I will be reporting about how COVID-19 has affected the world of work . I will be writing about Automation .

So let's start with Natasha , Natasha is a coffee shop owner and she is not able to do it remotely but she dose not want to go to work yet still wants to keep her buisness going so if she had a robot she could program it to listen , cook/make food and serve customers . This way she would still get the money as her caffe is open but at the same time stay safe .

Now lets talk about Illhan , Illhan is a shop owner he has a family buissnes he was the only one working , a robot would help him as then he would not have to work 24/7 . If he got a robot it would help him as Illhan has to work the whole day and with a robot he would have time so that he can help improve business . A robot would also help him as it can make sure that everything is in stock and all of the insurance and money is taken care of . This way the family would have more time .

Finally Jordan , Jordan is a journalist a robot would help as it could search for cases that haven't already been reported yet and put them in understandable ways to write it.

Thank you for reading :)


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