How has Coronavirus effected the gig economy

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Hi my name is Evie and I will be talking about how COVID-19 has effected the gig economy.

How has the gig economy be effected?

I think the gig economy has been the most effected because Most of there jobs that they do they can not do from home or over a zoom call. Alot of there jobs are small paying jobs and if they get fired or are not getting paid so that will effect them a lot. If you are a delivery driver in the gig economy you might not be fired from your job as a lot of people are now ordering things from amazon and other online shops so you would still get work.

The predicted change

The predicted change might help the gig economy to know whats happening next. When they go back to work they can adapt to working by using face masks/face coverings and trying to maintan social distancing as much as they can. They can also try to clean things as much as possible.

Is Covid-19 a Turing point for work?

Some People think that COVID-19 is a huge turning point for work but others disagree with them. It Could be a turning point for smaller businesses because more people will be using local shops because they are at home more than they would normally be so small businsses will get more money.

Covid-19 will also effect work to because people might be made redundant (which means who they work for does not need them anymore) and they will not get paid. Some people might get furload (which means that they are not working but they still get paid but will not get paid there full amount.)Even though getting paid to do nothing sounds fun it can still really effect people and there Families.

The Future of the gig economy

Will robots take over people who are in the gig economys jobs?

A lot of people wonder if robots will be able to do jobs in the Future. Robots might be able to do certain jobs in the gig economy like cleaning or maybe even taxi driving but will will have to wait and see what the future holds for them!

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