How covid affects different jobs

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Hello I am entertaining_currant and practical_tree and welcome to our post about how the corona virus has affected jobs.

The corona virus (one of the most deadly viruses on earth right now)has affected lots of different jobs that we do not like chores or anything not that we do them at all without covid.

I will tell you about all the ways corona has affected jobs.

1. Key workers: people that have jobs that keep the world safe and making sure they don't get hunger are called key workers they are people that runs a shop and he helps make sure the world has enough food he is classified as a key worker.

2. Losing jobs: Lots have people have lost jobs due to corona being around they lose their jobs because there is probably to much staff or workers at that job and the manager/owner does not want to put to many people at risk of getting covid.

3. Home working: People work at home because of the corona they haven't lost there job they are just doing equaly as much as they do in there office just at home home working can be tough if you have kids or a pet or if you are getting your house done then you will have workers making a racket.

4. Shop worker: People who are shop workers have really been affected by this virus because they would have to be at so much risk of catching corona because of all of the customers they have had going back to number 2 shop owners will have had to make people lose jobs because they don't want them to catch the virus so he and some of the employees are at risk of catching the terrible virus.

We are entertaining_currant and practical_tree thank you for reading our post goodbye for now.

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