How could robots affect climate change?

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I was thinking since we can program robots to go underwater, on land and even in space. We can use robots to solve alot of our problems.


If you don't know what climate change is climate change is when the earth gets too warm and because of that it destroys the earth and many animal habitats. This is bad because animals like polar bears and penguins are getting their homes destroyed.

How we can solve it by using robots: We could program the robots to find a way to cook our food without it affecting the planet. We could also create a robot that can keep cold habitats cold.

What features do you think a robot should have to solve climate change?


Lately, there has been alot of plastic going into the ocean. This is bad because the creatures in the sea will think it's food so they will eat it and probably die. We should try and use reuseable plastic so we can save some plastic and save the ocean because very soon there might not be anymore plastic for us to use and there might be more plastic than fish in the sea.

How we can solve it by using robots: We could create a robot that is able to go underwater that can pick out all the plastic out of the ocean when it sees some. Doing this, the robots could be able to spot some plastic before the fish do and can bring it back to land.

Do you have any problems that you think a robot could solve?

What features do you think the robot would need to have to conquere those problems?

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