How can robots help?

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How can robots help?

I believe that robots can help us in the future.It wont spreed that much crona to te people who come to the place when buying food.People are getting more sick by working and i think robots can help.Robots could do a lot but really, whithought people we would even known the word"robot".Do you think robouts can help.

What will robots do to the people.

In my oppinion, i prodict that robots could do more than HELP.


  • Make confisations
  • no team-work
  • wont make proper friends


Robots could make confistaions because they could make people not work togever[this also includes the " no team work"].It will be harder for people to work togever and how ill they make friends.[also some "wont make proper friends"].

I hope YOUR job dosnt close [ in the future].Automation will take away more jobs but if you get more than 1 job [gig economy]it could help.It would be easier if you was a hair-dresseer and shop keepers because robots cant atually take thouse jobs . Also if they WERE a shop-keeper , we wouldnt have to give any money because they're


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