How can robots help humans?

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my name is joyous_thought and i am here to ask the question how can robots help humans?

how humans could have help from robots?

humans do there job by if they are coping things like a text, they write it out agen and agen but if they had a printer to help them it would meen they wouldnt have to copy it out. And if you are a waiter at a pub your family could be there and you could be destracded and not do your job and you could also get a wrong order but a robot could get the order go to the kichin say the order then go back and get the next order.

how robots can save the trees?

robots can save the trees by insted of paper that is made of trees and insted of useing paper use word or docks to write down leters,diarys and more in sted of useing paper and killing the trees.

how robots can help around the house?

robots can help around the house by cleaning the house for you robots can cook delitios meals and cook your faivrot breckfast baken and eggs. they can play music to your kids to get to sleep at night and not bother you. the best thing robots can do is lay the table when you ask any one in the house to do it when you dont want to do it your self but evrone says no.

my opinion

and in my opinion i would get as much help as posibal from robots so i dont have to do stuff like lay the table at dinner time. and so my parents dont make me write a leter with my hand i could just tipe insted

my brothers opinion

my brother thinks that as long as he doesnt need to do his londrey he is happy. he also thinks saving the envirment is really important so when we are older the planet might be destroyed by climet change.

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