How are jobs going to change after Covid-19?

Since Coronavirus has becoming worse alot of our daily routines have changed,our surroundings have changed and so have the places we go to. Especially, our work spaces. Before all of this virus was such a big deal and it was only a small problem we were aloud top do alot of things we are not allowed to do anymore because of the virus. Will this stay pernament? I hope not but I can not see the future, maybe some of these rules will stay the same or maybe lighten up or become strickter. There are alot of things that have changed because of Covid-19 one of these are most definatly our jobs/school. But one question that has been in my mind how will they change after the virus is over? Like I said before I can not see the future but all of these predictions is just my opinion, you may not agree but it is just what I think.

Supermarkets/Shops in general

In the future I believe that shops will have alot of changes. Some of these might be a certain amount of people coming in at a time, I think this rule will stay because after all this many componies have had such a hard time trying to nkeep open and still make their customers happy and safe so they might be a bit paranoid of changing back to normal and they might be scared of producing more germs. I also think that in the future I think shops won't make you wear masks however may be they might make you keep abit of a distance.


Since Covid offices have had alot of changes during lockdown, this might have been redecorating or having to work from home. There is lots of things that could have happened with offices during lockdown. But maybe some of this could have effected their jobs in the future. I think that in the future members of the office might still work at home sometimes but go back into their workspace more often then they do now though. I also think that in the future offices and other business will still use hand sanitiser alot like now but not the mask unless if necerssery. I think this because when alot of offices had to go working from home they got used to that so I think they will still continue that so it won't be too different. I also think they would still use handstantiser because they are going back to the office not their home and they would have to keep the stuff they touch clean to stop the spread of germs.

Self employed

I think that in the future I think that people who are self employed will have a better business because people in lockdown have been relying on small businesses because big ones have been closed down so theyw ere the only ones to go to. I think that their business will be better because they would have had a huge panic in lockdown because everyone would be coming to them so they will have quite alot of money and experience. I also think that their business will still be quite large because the puplic might have enjoyed their shop more than the big shop so those people might have spreaded news about them.

There are many jobs that would be effected in the future but those are the ones that I did. Again this was just my opinion.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg decisive_redcurrant | Michael Faraday School
    09 Dec 2020

    Hi there good post I really enjoyed reading it and you should be proud of yourself here are some of my opinions on some of the points you made.
    When you are speaking about supermarkets and shopping centres e.ct I thought to myself and I said well with the business end up going down why well here is what I think.
    The reason why I think business. Going down is because, during the pandemic as we also loads of people started panicking and they would run to the shops and buy all the things they would need to survive a good six months.some people found out on fair because our president in the UK (Boris Johnson) said that at certain times people in different age groups can go and buy the essentials that they need. Around 5 o’clock to 8 o’clock people would go and wait outside supermarkets just to buy things that they need and hopefully if the current virus goes. The Reason I think that that business will start to slowly slowly slowly go down is because people would continue to do their normal routines such as going to the shops once or twice a week compared to when the pandemic first the right people would go to the shops around seven days a week just to buy the things that they need because maybe they didn’t have enough of what they needed or they just wanted to stock up in case they had to stay in the houses is for longer. Hope you agree with me this is a really good post keep up the good work and a fantastic skills :-)

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    1. Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg upbeat_acorn | Birchwood C of E Primary School
      decisive_redcurrant's comment 10 Dec 2020

      Thank you so much and again I agree with you, I also think they would slowly start to go down hill because of the lack of their supplies just because people started to go crazy over toilet paper and all that other stuff. However, I have also noticed that the stock isn't running out as much as it did at the start of Covid-19 , maybe it has just become a routine.
      Thank you very much for commenting I love your opinion.

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  • ethical_performance | Whyteleafe School E
    13 Dec 2020

    After covid-19, lots of jobs will change. Teachers are one of them. Teachers nowadays, are wearing masks and are not getting too close to us children if we need help. They are also not looking in our books as much and are being more serious about us washing our hands and using hand sanitizer.

    But after covid-19, perhaps everything will be back to normal.

    Although things will go back to normal, some rules might still apply to our daily lives as lots of people have noticed that hygiene is essential to our body’s safety.

    Also, people might want to work in other jobs that have helped us all during the pandemic, such as: supermarket shopkeepers, army jobs, all jobs in the NHS, binmen etc. People might want to work as them in the future because they have realized that they are doing something great.

    Similarly, some office workers might continue to work remotely as they will not have to travel as much and could spend their spare time doing something they like.

    So, after the pandemic has passed, jobs and society could be more conscious of how they interact with each other to avoid any more illnesses.

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