How and why will different types of work affect people's work and life

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Hello I am zestful planet and I am going to explain to you how covid 19 has affected people's work and life. There are 3 types of other there's of work remote working ,automation and gig economy . All of these represent diffrent types of work . We'll be explaining about remote working and how it can change people's work during covid times remote working is were people stay at home to work . But it could have some serious affects for instence it could shut down big indoustrees and lose people lots of money also it could fill up lods of houses with stuff that people dont need or want for the sake of going to work. But it also might make some opportunities because it could be easier because you woudnt have to get ready to drive to work because the moment you wake up your at work ! So it does some upsides.

The pandemic is turning a big point for work because with covid people can't always go to work all the time so they have to improvise and do the work at home. You would need to use alot of values and skills such as co-oparation , creativity, comited and resiliance . So that is what and how diffrent types of work can affect people's life and work thanks for listening.

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