Has the pandemic helped businesses or destroyed businesses?

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Hi there, I'm decisive_redcurrant and this is my post on the world of work! Hope you enjoy!

So as we already know there is a terrible virus call the "coronavirus".

In certain parts of the world this virus has had a huge impacts and have even change the world!

But they key focus I'm focusing on is the that pandemic destroyed businesses or actually helped businesses get more sales well let me explain

My dads business (car trader)

Well my dads work is that he is a car trader and his jobs is a full time business.

Funny enough when we had to go into lockdown at first he didn't get any sales so most of that time he was stay at home and relax but after a couple of months before you know it he's back on his feet's. After a few days, he was very surprised and amazed of how many sales he had got on his cars Over 50 cars sold in just a month.

So throughout lockdown funny enough Coronavirus has helped my dad sale more cars.

My Mums buisness (teacher)

My mum is a teacher and her job is also a full-time business.

When we had our first lockdown she couldn't go to work because our prime minister closed down school because the coronavirus was very bad that time! So she lost quite some money from that and had to stay at home but before you know it. School were open again! She loved going back to teach all the students but ofcalls she had to keep safe from the virus!

so I would say that coronavirus did help my mums and didn't at the same time.

Back to you!!!!

So to conclude everything I said, coronavirus can help buisness and cannot at the same time as I used the examples at the top you could see coronavirus was useful with My dad but with mum it was helpful and not helpful in a way.

Hope you liked my post

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