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Hello everyone it is incredible_butterfly here and I am here to talk to you about the future work.In this report,I will tell you all about the changes which will occur to Gig,Remote and Automation working.

Based on recent events , a huge amount of people are now working from home:this means that they are working remotely using a device at home.I predict that in the future,this will continue and more people will work from their homes.I strongly believe in this because the current pandemic is ensuring that people don’t spread it out a lot more than what is currently happening.Secondly,it will save business money as they don’t need to pay rent for working at their place.Finally,I believe more people will work from places that are remote from other business workers as the advances of technology has increased over the pandemic.

Due to covid 19,more people have had to change the way they work in order to continue to earn money.This pandemic has changed the way we now live and it will change the way people work.

As we now use more technology,it is very important that people adapt the way they work so they stay current and be effective in their jobs.

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