Future of work(final piece)

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My name is focused_lemon and this is my final piece about the future of work.

The predicted changes are gig economy, automaton and remote working. Remote working is when you can work anywhere at anytime.

Remote working can have problems because you might not have enough equipment to do your job or you have to spend money to upgrade your broadband, and your electricity and water bills will be more expensive because your using your computers and lights rather than going to an office and using their power and they have to pay for it. The opportunities can be that youcould be anywhere in the world and work for one company!

The pandemic is a turning point because nobody could go to work and lots of people were made furloughed and lots of people didn't have money to any more jobs.The pandemic might have effected the remote side of things because more people are doing it more online. Coronavirus can also effect it by it will slow jobs down because of the internet and freezes of screens and you might get lag.

The skills ( creativity, problem solving, speaking and listening) are important for workers to have because they need to be creative to make the job fun, they need to liste to know what to do, they need to speak in order to do the job and finally they need problem solving to overcome obstacles. The skills that they need are problem solving, speaking, listening and creativity so basically all of the to do work.

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