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Hello, my name is sincere_atom and today I will be talking about the future of work. There are three predicated changes for the future of work; Gig Ecomony, Automation and Remote Working. Remote working has recently been the most used and is when people work from their homes using their technology.

Although, many of us see remote working as a good thing, many others see problems. If you are using a laptop or computer while doing home working, you may know the struggle of keeping your internet running or rembering to show up to your meetings. You also may not have accsess to the technology that you need to do your job. Despite all the problems, people have learnt to adapt to these problems by either getting a new job where they work on site,or buying better technology. However, this predicted change may create opportunities, as when you are looking for a new job you may have more choices and do something that you actually passionate about, as you don’t need to worry about where you live or where the site is. There’s also the good trait that you are saving money on transport.

Some people may say that the pandemic is a turning point for work because lots of people have ended up doing remote working and they have saved money. The pandemic might affect remote working because more people are doing it which means that apps that create virtual meeting (such as zoom and Skype) are getting more money

Workers use many skills: speaking, listening, creativity and problem solving. Remote workers use all of these skills but I think that listening and problem solving are the most important because you have to actually be listening in your meetings because if you aren’t listening you might not hear something and if you don’t hear something you can’t just go and have a little chat with someone as you will be somewhere different to them. I also think that they need good problem skills because if something went wrong you would need to know what to do because technology can sometimes go wrong.

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