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Hello I am entertaining_currant and I am reporting from burnet news reports and I am assigned to make my report about the future of work I will be interviewing an automation worker ( someone who work with machines and robots to help work ) Mike and he will tell you some problems and opportunities of robots taking over and having peoples jobs in the future.

"I am Mike from Mikes automation system and I will tell you positives and negative about having robost doin people's jobs in the future,"

"Having robots doing human's jobs could be a very bad thing because if robots take over jobs then us people wouldn't get money which means we can't buy the things that we need to survive like food and water!" "people could adapt this so that the robots get paid the money and then they could transfer all the money that they make into our bank accounts or something that we could then on use to pay for things.

”Some people -including me- think that the pandemic is good for work situation like right now because there is a lot more people working from home so there is less and less chances for the virus to spread. The pandemic could also affect robots in a good way because if the virus keeps going on for a while then people would need to get money quicker to be able to purchase food and things to survive so people would get hasty about needing money so people who make robots would develop the robots to work better and faster so people would get more money.

If you use burnet news club or you go to work then I have some skills that you might want to use while you are either working or going on the hub my demonstrations will be about if you are working.

1. Listening: this is a good skill to have when working because say one of your colleagues has an idea and he thinks it is a really good one then you would want to listen to his idea and you might think hmmm this is a good idea then you could make your job better by just listening to one idea.

2. Speaking: this is a great skill to have as I had a friend who was making robots with us and he had a really good idea so he told me and my colleagues the idea and we all thought it was really good idea so we did it and it helped out our work a lot so always say an idea you have who knows it could help out a lot.

3. Creativity: this is really good to have if you were sat making a robot as you would need really good creativity skills to be able to build the robot.

4. And last but not least Problem solving: this is good to have on the burnet news club because sometime the hub challenges everyone to a quiz and you would need really good problem solving skills to be able to complete it.

Thank you for reading my final piece I am entertaining_currant goodbye.

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