Future of work effected by Covid-19

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Hi, I am Lyra and I am Albert Slinkheart. We work for the Economist magazine: the Covid-19 section. In this report we are going to be talking about the future of work. In the future of work there are three main points we are going to be explaining today focussing on the gig economy, the remote working and automation. So let's get started!!!

During Covid-19 people have taken on a lot of different jobs and have created themselves a gig economy. For those of you who don't know what the gig economy is it is where a person takes on many different types of jobs with low payment so they could pay their rent and buy food products for their family to keep alive, fit and healthy.

The remote working is the second part of the future. During Covid-19 many peope have found out that they are capable of working from home while many other people are missing out on the interaction of other humans and have become isolated figuratively and literally. It is a bit sad but we can't change life.

The third and final point is automation. During Covid-19 we, as humans, depended on the satisfying technology that we have and scientists have provided for us to keep in touch with our friends. As Lockdown commenced robots could take our jobs and make people redundant because they are more efficient and they can't catch the "invisible killer" and keep the country running during this horrible pandemic.

When you are made redundant, it means that you are not fired but ,like, on hold and when you are made redundant it will open up a window of problems. One of those problems is money. If you are made redundant in one of your jobs, then you are lucky if you have another job as you can keep earning money for you and your family. Therefore you are part of the gig economy.

The effect of Covid-19 has bashed the public into a hollow shape but we shall always work forwards ; we shall never give up. Let's do it for our families. And our future generations. People who worked online before Covid Lockdown barely had any work but then the first wave of Covid hit and they were working overtime.

Working at home has its positives and negatives. One of those negatives is screens. But why are screens bad? Surely working online is good? Is it?

Actully no. Too much screens is really bad for you.

by Warmhearted_cloud and Blessed_tradition

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