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Hello, my name is valuable_vegetable and this news report is about the futire of work and how the coronavirus pandemic is effecting work. There are three predicted changes for the future of work: gig economy, remote working and outomotion. I will be focusing on remote working in this news report. Remote working is when people are forced to work from home, mostly for safety reasons, whether it's their choice or not.

This predicted change might create problems for people because they might be made redundant and left workless and therefore moneyless. Or, they might have to work too often because others have been made redundant. People could adapt to these problems though; if you felt like you work too much, you could set a schedule for your work shifts/hours to avoid starting early and ending late. Also, this prediction can create an opportunity for those people made redundant as if you are young, you can look for a different job - which is always a great new life opportunity - or if you are old, you can retire -which is always a nice feeling.

Some people think that the pandemic is a turning point for work because it can make people have to work from home and occasionally even make a job become extinct - it can be taken over by robots. The pandemic might effect remote working because it will make more people work from home, and when it ends some people might want to continue working from home. If too many people decide to work from home it can make businesses shut down.

"The coronavirus pandemic has been a huge turning point for my workplace," explains buisnesswoman Taylor Parks, "becuase everyone in the company has had to work from home. In my opinion, this has caused nothing but stress and chaos!"

Listening, speaking, problem solving and creativity are useful skills for workers to have. You would have to be a good listener, especially in these times, so that you can hear and consider others' ideas, thoughts and opinions. You would have to be a good speaker so that you can get your points across. You would have to be a good problem solver so that you can adapt to the new rules of covid-19 and you have to be creative so that you can think outside the box in these difficul and different times.

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