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Tuesday 15th December 2020

Hello my name is willing_radio and this is my final piece! Hope you enjoy it! :)

Part 1

There are three major changes for the future of work includes, gig aconamy, remote working and automation. And I have chosen to foucas on remote working.

Part 2

Some people may go to the nearest coffee shop or shop or supermarite if they work in a office block which can be great for the shop but there can be a low because if shut the office block down and start working from home the shop will loose customers which won’t be good!

Part 2 (b)

If they shut down the office block that means there will be a empty space so they can either put something new and useful in the space or can expand smaller shops due to this, it could make more money for the shop that expands so overall there can be pros such as making more money and cons such as losing customers.

Part 3

People may think that the pandemic is a huge turning point! "I think it's a massive turning point because people have had to work around problems and work from home!" -Tricia 29. Yes I do agree this can be a huge for work as well as schooling, reasoning behind this is everyone have had to adapt to new surroundings such as homeschooling and working from home,as well doing the odd homeschooling now and again! So this may be a major turning point but there can be bigger we dont know about yet!

Part 4

I have picked to foucas on problem solving, in my opinion all of them are equally as good as eachother but personaly I picked problem solving, reasoning why is, I think problem solving is very important because it can play a great role in life and without it its likely that everyone will be stuck and nobody can get anywhere! During the pandemic, the UK showed great problem solving, when they moved work online!

Thats all for now I hope you enjoyed it! :) Bye!

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