Future of work

I am Piper and I work for the Financial Times. Due to Covid 19, and Lockdown, the way that we work has changed dramatically.

Since Lockdown, there have been the folowing changes:

Increase in remote working;

Automation has expanded;

The gig ecoomy has grown.

The lockdown has forced many people to workfrom home and this has been positive for many reasons. Firstly, workers get to see family more each day. People are driving to work less as they are working from home and this has had a good efect on the environment as less pollution is happening from cars. People are more productive becuase they are spending less time travelling and more time working.

However, there are alos some negative aspects of working remotely. Some people feel isolated because they live alone and miss the company of the workers in the office and this has made some feel depressed and anxious. Also, some people work too hard as they enver switch off at home.

This has come to a cause that 89% of the population said that they want to workfrom home after lockdown.

Some future skills needed for romote work are self motivation and you can use technolagy on their own.

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