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Hi my name is Interesting_Spring and my report is all about what the future of work might look light for the residence of Roman Road.

There are three predicted changes for the future of work gig economy, remote working, and automation. Today we are focusing on remote working for Roman Road.


Remote working can cause problems in the future for industries on Roman Road because some businesses rely on the people who work to get a sandwich at their lunch break or a coffee on their way to work.


Remote working can also create opportunities in the future because more and more people are working from home and spending a lot more time with their family's.

Turning point

Some people might think of this as a turning point for work because people are not going into their offices or show rooms and lots of different shops are closing.


Burnet news club skills could come in for some jobs. For example, if you are a waiter listening would help because if a customer would like something you have to listen to what they want. As well as this, your speaking skills would come in useful if you a a prime minister a judge or anything like that because you have to make speaches. Adding to this, problem solving would help if you were a cafe owner or a shop owner and someone speaks in a different language they need to work out what they are saying. Finally, you need creative skills if you are a designer then you need the make things fresh.

Thank you reading my post comment down below what you think about remote working. I think its good and bad.

Bye Intresting_Spring

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