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My name is Holly and I work for the Sunday Times newspaper. I am going to be writing a piece about the future of work.

Jobs have changed a lot over time and there has been an increase in remote working due to lockdown. Furthermore, since Covid-19, some companies have increased automation and the gig economy has expanded. Remote working was when many adults and children had to work from home and many areas of the country had to adapt to using technology and coping with the changes the pandemic had made.


Remote working played a big part in many people's lives and has given many opportunities and problems along the way. Many opportunities remote working has made have been positive: less travel, which is really helping the environment; less work bills, so your company does not need to pay so much money on the building (electricity). As well as that, remote working gives you a good work balance and gives you more time to spend with family members inside their bubble.

Although there is a reasonable amount of positive opportunities there are always problems with it.

Many problems remote working has made have been negative: isolation, single members living alone feel lonely which is bad for their wellbeing; Bad for eyes, too much screen time can cause your eyes to become damaged and it can be much harder to share ideas since they cannot think because of all the stress and not being surrounded by work colleages to inspire them.


Due to Coronavirus, many people were forced to become more flexible and cope with the difficulties of working at home. The effect of the pandemic showed that many people working from their household said to have liked it and are continuing working there as we speak. Results show that 89% of people chose to work remotely from home.


If people are to work at home in the future, they will need to have an understanding of technology around them especially those living alone so they will not be confused in what they are doing in their job. Also they need a sense of self motivation to keep working when your boss is not there.

Thank you for reading my post! 😀

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